Short-Term Stay Programs at VCC

Short-Term Respite Care, Rehabilitation and Transitional Care

We’ll Help You Get You Back To Where You Want To Be

Short-Term Respite Care

Short-Term Respite Care means that participants can stay at VCC for as little as a week or up to several months and enjoy all of the same services and care available to our full-time residents.

Need a Temporary Solution? It’s the perfect way for seniors who need more care than is available at home during a short period of time. It’s ideal for caregivers who may be going out of town or just need a brief break.

And… it is also a great way to learn if VCC is a good fit for you before making a long-term decision about moving to an assisted living  facility.

Contact the VCC Respite Care team at (206) 567-4421 or by email.

You may choose the amount of time you would like to stay, we are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.
At VCC, we understand that proper nutrition is vital in helping our residents stay active, healthy, and happy. To ensure that our residents are receiving well-balanced, healthy meals, that are enjoyable and taste great, we work with certified nutritionists to carefully craft our own menus. Our meals are well-balanced, nutritional, and are loaded with delicious, familiar, comfort food that our residents enjoy!


At VCC, we strive to provide the very best therapeutic services to each individual whether they are a full-time resident or visit regularly for out-patient therapy services. Our therapists will individually tailor a therapy regime for a variety of conditions including stroke recovery, back pain, post-surgical management of joint repairs and other orthopedic conditions. VCC’s outstanding team of clinical therapists think outside the box, providing maximized, focused therapies that help residents gain strength and mobility while maintaining independence.

Contact the VCC Rehab Services team at (206) 567-6158 or by email.

Our occupational therapists are trained, skilled and highly specialized to help you gain strength and function so you can more easily get out of bed, bathe, dress and perform all of your regular daily tasks with less difficulty.
When movement and function are affected by injury, aging, disability or disease, our Physical Therapy specialists help you with mobility related issues so you may return to a healthier and more active lifestyle.
Our Speech Therapists work individually with you to help you regain the ability to swallow properly, think more clearly and communicate more effectively.

Transitional Care

Our Transitional Care program is designed for a short-term stay. You may be recovering from an illness, injury or surgery and need additional care before you return home. Our goal is to comfortably transition individuals from the hospital to home, to assisted living or to another long-term care solution. We treat many different conditions such as orthopedic injuries including a fractured hip, neurological injuries such as a stroke, and rehabilitation following an elective surgery. Our staff at VCC will collaborate with you, your family and healthcare providers to develop a plan that best supports you and your recovery.

Contact the Transitional Care department at (206) 567-6153 or by email.

Life Enrichment Activities

Whether you are in transition from a hospital stay or just need a short-term living solution – you can be as active as you wish at Vashon Community Care. As part of your short-term stay, you may enjoy one of our many life enrichment programs.

Some of our activities include:

  • Day trips to points of interest
  • Shopping trips
  • Special events and meals
  • Intergenerational programs
  • Visits with pets
  • Movies
  • Arts and crafts classes
  • Live music
  • Exercise
  • Lectures
  • Walks
  • Games
  • Gardening

What Our Residents Say

Amazing experience living at Vashon Community Care! They go above and beyond caring for and developing relationships with the people that live here. The trips and activities are fun and this island is beautiful!
Lucas G, Resident
I moved to Vashon Community Care Aspiri Garden a few years ago and would recommend it to everyone interested in looking for a fantastic assisted living experience. Thank you VCC for your hard work!
Anne M, Resident
Let me say something. Vashon Community Care is an amazing place to live with amazing support. I give you 10 stars for everything! Thank you VCC!
Joe S, Resident