How to Keep Vashon, Vashon

Become a Vashon Community Care Sustaining Donor 

Over 60 years ago, a boy left his bike laying atop a sapling in a wooded patch on Vashon. As the years passed, the bike became part of the tree and rose up as the tree grew.

That island boy and his generation are now grandparents. Our community has grown around them, embraced them and lifted them up, just like the bike.

Vashon Community Care has its roots as deep as that tree. We’ve been here a long time, to care for the older generation that needs our help.


VCC is home for so many of our elders on Vashon. Whether they can pay on their own, or rely on Medicaid, we find a way to make it all work.

Because we’re community-owned, we turn to you today, and ask that you become a Sustaining Donor 

It’s only because people like you understand what makes Vashon, Vashon, that we remain, like the bike in the tree, a permanent part of this island.

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Thank You For Your Support!

Verna Everitt
Executive Director
Vashon Community Care Foundation