Those of us who call Vashon home tend to be quite proud of the artistic talent that resides here. It’s so easy to find clever and original acts without setting foot on a ferry.  The entertainers are our friends, neighbors, or acquaintances, which makes it easy to connect. So when we asked some of these folks to perform for our residents, who are quarantined to their rooms, the response was overwhelming. In fact, we’re still working on the logistics to keep up with the incredible offers we’ve received, from Kevin and Martha (see the video above), Kat Eggleston, Jon Daly, Steffon and Arlette Moody, Roger Taylor, Abby Enson and Christopher Overstreet, and Maria Glanz offering to perform outdoors to Tami Brockaway Joyce reading short stories via the Internet.

It’s not just performers. Glynis Delargy is reminiscing on Tuesdays and Allison Markus is playing trivia on Thursdays via Zoom. The students in Marjorie Butcher’s third grade class are gearing up to be pen pals, and the Vashon Mask Makers are sewing for us. Bruce Ferguson, Barry Foster and Bettie Edwards are walking (at a distance) with residents several days a week and doing anything else they can to make life more enjoyable for everyone at VCC.

Every day we get calls or emails from people who want to help.

If there’s silver lining right now, it’s this outpouring of neighborly kindness. It’s not just at VCC. It’s the people volunteering for the Food Bank, the Senior Center, the Interfaith Council for Homelessness, to name a few. It’s folks who shop for elderly people who shouldn’t be going to the store. It’s the vigilant communication from Voice of Vashon and VashonbePrepared. It’s our fire fighters, many of whom are volunteers, standing ready to help 24 hours a day.

Thank you Vashon! We at VCC are so proud to be part of this incredible community.


Anne Atwell is the community relations and development director at VCC. A Vashonite for 20 years, Anne is proud to say that her first non-profit volunteer board experience was on that of the Vashon Community Care Center way back in the late 90’s. She is so pleased to be coming full circle to work again for VCC and its wonderful residents.