Dear Vashon Friends,

While the rest of King County is embarking on a new stage in the COVID story, VCC is holding back from implementing Phase Two of Governor Inslee’s pandemic plan. As a long term care provider, we are under strict guidelines to remain under quarantine, which means residents still take all meals in their rooms and no visitors are allowed in the building. In addition, all staff and residents were tested this week for the virus as mandated by the state. This will allow us to establish a baseline. Moving forward, we will administer random tests as a way to protect staff and residents. We continue to screen residents daily and staff every shift for signs and symptoms.

Beardsley Memory Support is about one third occupied with several more inquiries, and our waitlist is growing. Residents are adapting well to Beardsley’s homelike, relaxed atmosphere where each day centers around their unique desires and interests. It’s also common to find them sitting together (at a distance), enjoying iced tea in Maeve’s Memory Garden or congregating in the lounge for a sing- a-long.

As usual, we cannot show enough appreciation to our staff for their constant vigilance, compassion and humor. Each one, in their own way, is enriching the lives of our residents. VCC is a microcosm of  the kind of heroic work happening in our community and throughout the  world as people on the front lines risk their lives to help others in need.  In her new show, Facing Our Local Heros, Island artist, Pam Ingalls, celebrates some of the people on Vashon who have gone above and beyond for their neighbors and friends.  Portraits of two VCC employees are included: Krystal Willingham, our director of nursing, and Jonathan McDonagh, one of our housekeeping/maintenance super heroes. The show opens this Friday at The Hardware Store Restaurant.

Here’s to all the heroes out there! I hope to see more of you–at a distance and wearing a mask–out and about during these summer months.

With gratitude for all you do for our residents and staff,

Anne Atwell
Development Director
Vashon Community Care /206-567-6140