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VCC Covid-19 Update #4

Dear Vashon Friends, Governor Inslee’s recent announcement is a first step to reopening, and we are eagerly optimistic.  However, there are several policies and risk assessments  that must be conducted before we will be approved to move to the next phase.  This four-phased approach will be detailed later next week once the Department of Social [...]

Covid-19 Testing Results

Dear Vashon Friends, I am sharing a memo that I sent to families of residents following two rounds of testing for Covid 19. I wanted to be sure that you, our supporters, are up to date on the results as well. Here is the memo: Under the guidance of King County Public Health, I am [...]

VCC Covid-19 Update #3

Dear Friends of VCC, July 9, 2020 - Under the guidance of King County Public Health, I am pleased to announce our second round of testing revealed 100 % negative results for both residents and staff. Following the directive from Public Health for Seattle and King County we retested all staff and residents a second [...]

VCC Heros on Display

Dear Vashon Friends, While the rest of King County is embarking on a new stage in the COVID story, VCC is holding back from implementing Phase Two of Governor Inslee's pandemic plan. As a long term care provider, we are under strict guidelines to remain under quarantine, which means residents still take all meals in their rooms [...]

A Message from VCC Executive Director, Wendy Kleppe

Dear Vashon Friends, Vashon Community Care has a long and proud history of caring for people who have not been able to care for themselves, regardless of their ethnicity, sexual orientation or socio-economic background. I, and the entire staff at VCC, are honored to carry on that tradition, and we are blessed to have the financial [...]

The Swamp Bottom Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda Been Is Here!

The Swamp Bottom Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda Been is here! Join Steffon Moody as he takes you through his beautiful whimsical illustrations of what this year's event could have been and most likely will be in 2021. This is is VCC's big annual fundraiser for 2020. Please donate what you can to our Promise Fund for uncompensated care which supports residents who [...]

The Swamp Bottom that Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda-Been

Just when we thought we wouldn't have our annual Swamp Bottom Jamboree fundraiser in 2020, Steffon Moody--the event creator--came up with a solution:  The Swamp Bottom Jamboree that Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda-Been--a video journey through some of the spellbinding acts and ambient performances of what could have been, and most likely will be in 2021.  Narrated and illustrated by Moody [...]

VCC Staff is a Great Team

Now -- more than ever -- our healthcare heroes can use your support. Please say thank you today! We just received another match donation. Now all donations will be matched up $5500 dollar for dollar and go to the VCC Employee Fund for continuing education and staff recognition. And THANK YOU Wendy Noble [...]

VCC Staff is Dedicated

"It's a great staff!" We hear those words all the time at VCC, whether it's from Myrla, Tom, other residents, families or people in the community. Now--more than ever--our healthcare heroes can use your support. Please say thank you, anytime up until May 6! All donations will be matched up $4500 dollar for dollar and go [...]

Give Big Honors VCC’s Passionate Employees

Mary, Ali and Rain,--three of VCC's beloved caregivers-- love what they do. They are not alone. VCC is full of passionate, caring people who are in it for the love of our residents. More, now than ever, they can use your support. Please say thank you, anytime this week up until May 6, during Give Big! [...]