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All Ages Trail Opens to VCC Residents

            November 19, 2019 Why all the happy faces on a grey day in November? It's because the new All-Ages Trail--a half-mile loop created by the Vashon Maury Land Trust to make the great outdoors more accessible to people aged one to 100--opened officially this past Sunday. We celebrated with [...]

Memory Support Construction Begins

  October 25, 2019 Yesterday we broke ground on VCC's new memory support "neighborhood." About 40 people attended, including many passionate supporters. It was a happy day for all involved because it marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in VCC's history. Why is this an important milestone? Because--from assisted living and respite care [...]

Feeling the Love!

    September 10, 2019 More than 50 people gathered on August 30th at VCC's farm-to-table volunteer appreciation luncheon. It was a remarkable turnout, and we--residents and staff--felt the love. We could not ask for a more involved and caring community. Annette Crawford, VCC's interim executive director, is awed by the outpouring: "In my almost 30 [...]

A Change in Leadership at VCC

August 9, 2019 Last week, VCC closed the skilled nursing wing. That's a hard pill to swallow for many of us who had grown accustomed to the idea that our loved ones, or even ourselves, would have the option of acute long-term care on the island. Yet, the truth is that VCC’s new model—a combination [...]

Thank You Volunteers!

July 23, 2019 Even after 20-plus years of watching Thriftway's drill team execute their carefully choreographed cart twirls and cheering on the Old Tractor Society, I'm still moved by the Vashon Strawberry Festival. Maybe that's exactly why; it's full of the people who make this island the vibrant, caring community it is. They're out in droves [...]

Moving Ahead at VCC

July 9, 2019 Here at VCC, where change seems to be the way we roll, the recent promotion of Krystal Willingham to director of care services is a new development we can all get behind. In her new role, Krystal will oversee nursing services for assisted living, as well as the new memory support unit. [...]

Kicking Off Summer at the Swamp Bottom

      June 13, 2019 Word has spread around here that we raised $100,000 at last weekend's Swamp Bottom Jamboree. You should see the smiles this news brings to the faces of residents and staff alike. Just to know people care so much about VCC--and that one anonymous donor put up a $50,000 matching [...]

Art Abounds at VCC

May 31, 2019 It's a sunny day here at VCC. The resident garden, nurtured  by John Whitney and some dedicated volunteers, is breaking out in bloom. It's uplifting to see everyone perking up with the warmer weather. It's been a rocky spring here with all the change. While we grieve the loss of skilled nursing and [...]