Vashon Community Care Foundation – History

How we became the Vashon Community Care Foundation – Journey with us through VCC history 

Why does VCC Need to Raise Money?

When Vashon Community Care (VCC) was established in 1995 we made a promise to the community that no resident would ever be asked to leave due to the inability to pay. Twenty-three years later, thanks to the generosity of our Island community, we are still keeping that promise. Your donations to the VCC Foundation are critical because community support covers the gap between what it costs VCC to provide excellent care and what Medicaid reimburses to VCC. Medicaid only covers 49% of the cost of care for Assisted Living and 70% for Skilled Nursing. This leaves a large gap in revenue – on average, more than $400,000 per year.

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Our Goal

The Foundation’s primary goal is to cover the Medicaid Funding Gap so that VCC can continue providing exceptional care to our Island neighbors.

Our Future

In December of 2017, Vashon Community Care affiliated with Transforming Age, a not-for-profit organization that has been serving older adults in the Puget Sound region since 1956. The affiliation is a partnership between two non-profit entities in which Transforming Age has taken on the leadership role, managing day-to-day operations and restructuring VCC’s business model to increase revenue while continuing to provide the highest level of care.

The VCC Foundation affiliated with Transforming Age in February 2018 making the Foundation a direct subsidiary of Vashon Community Care. Its goal remains the same – raising funds to offset the lack of full Medicaid reimbursement and support the operations of VCC. When full financial sustainability is achieved, the Foundation will transition its focus to raising funds for capital projects including interior and exterior building upgrades, program enhancements and other value-added initiatives to provide improved healthcare options for Vashon Island residents.

While VCC and the VCC Foundation retain their name and own 501(c)(3) status, governance is now under Transforming Age’s board of directors, the same board that governs Transforming Age and its other partners. Vashon Community Care is guided by Transforming Age’s vision to “transform the perception of age” and to make life better for older adults and society. We are stronger together!

Vashon Community Care Foundation’s History

With a large portion of the cost of care not being paid by Medicaid, tremendous pressure is placed on VCC to seek charitable contributions to fill the funding gap. This became the catalyst to create the Vashon Community Care Foundation. It was created to provide broad-based community funding to help sustain the future of VCC.

The Foundation received its 501(c)(3) status in 2013. As a newly formed non-profit, a board of directors was assembled, some of whom came from the VCC board while others were added from the community. The Development Director from VCC assumed the Foundation’s Executive Director position and 2014 marked the Foundation’s first year of raising funds exclusively for VCC’s operating budget.

In 2015, a new Executive Director grew the organization, adding a Development Manager position and focused on creative advertising and marketing to highlight the the importance of keeping our island elders at home on Vashon. The Foundation’s work raised awareness for VCC and its out-patient programs. A wealth of volunteer support has buoyed the Foundation’s ability to significantly grow donated income.

In 2018, VCC is working to expand its leadership team and operations with a goal of reaching break even by July 2019, at which point VCC will be able to allocate VCC Foundation funding for capital upgrades.

Vashon Community Care Foundation

A Strong Foundation. A Secure Future.

We Need Your Help

Become a sustaining member of Vashon Community Care Foundation and help secure the future of VCC for generations to come. We also have many other ways you can support Vashon Community Care. These include:

Vashon Community Care Foundation
  • One Time Donation
  • Become a Monthly “Sustaining” Donor
  • Memorial and Tribute Gifts
  • Planned Giving
  • Gifts In-Kind
  • Matching Gifts
  • Amazon Smile
The cost of care has more than doubled over the past 20 years and Medicaid has drastically cut its reimbursements to VCC. This creates a “funding gap” that grows larger every year.

We Rely Heavily on Your Support to Meet Our Funding Gap Challenge. 

Ultimately, the VCC Foundation will succeed only with the on-going participation of the Vashon community in our recurring gift program.

Let’s build a strong foundation to secure the future for those in need. Call the VCC Foundation at (206) 567-6164 for more information or become a sustaining member and donate today! Scroll below for donation instructions.