The Swamp Bottom that Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda-Been

Just when we thought we wouldn't have our annual Swamp Bottom Jamboree fundraiser in 2020, Steffon Moody--the event creator--came up with a solution:  The Swamp Bottom Jamboree that Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda-Been--a video journey through some of the spellbinding [...]

VCC Staff is a Great Team

Now -- more than ever -- our healthcare heroes can use your support. Please say thank you today! We just received another match donation. Now all donations will be matched up $5500 dollar [...]

VCC Staff is Dedicated

"It's a great staff!" We hear those words all the time at VCC, whether it's from Myrla, Tom, other residents, families or people in the community. Now--more than ever--our healthcare heroes can use your support. Please say thank [...]

Give Big Honors VCC’s Passionate Employees

Mary, Ali and Rain,--three of VCC's beloved caregivers-- love what they do. They are not alone. VCC is full of passionate, caring people who are in it for the love of our residents. More, now [...]

VCC’s Staff is Compassionate

Just ask Joy, or any of VCC's residents and family members. They will tell you that the staff here is top notch. During this year's Give Big, we honor our employees who have been on the front [...]

Memory Support Now Open for Admissions

After two months of waiting for final approval from the Department of Health and Human Services, the Beardsley Family Memory Support Neighborhood is open for admissions to people with dementia. This specialized care offers families the [...]

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